Most birth doulas in the Hampton roads area are solo practices. Some charge additional fees after 12/18/24 hours of face to face labor support and some may call in a back up doula in order to rest. 757 Doulas work together using a unique shift schedule to provide the best support for our clients. Prior to birth, the three of us meet with the client in her home for a prenatal visit where we get to know her and her family better and get a better understanding of her expectations for her birth. When she goes into labor, 2 doulas will be on call for her and will work in 12 hour shifts. This guarantees a well rested doula who can support her and takes the possibility of a backup doula whom the birthing mother has never met before out of the equation. If two clients go into labor at once, your doula will simply stay with you rather than switch shifts.

-Birth Doula services- $750
-This includes 1-2 prenatal visits
-Unlimited over the phone support
-Unlimited face to face support during your birth 1 postpartum visit